Interview on Application Support Manager

This morning interview, by looking at the job position and scopes it is not actually what I want to do but this interview is already arranged by the job agency so I go to understand more of the details.

True enough, the Hiring Manager finds me to be more into Application Development than into Application Maintenance position than a Support Manager (means that even though I am very technical-inclined and suitable to do application support for their system as she is the Hiring Manager for this AM team and they needs these people at the level 2 and 3 Support structure!) . Nevertheless,it was a good exposure to understand where I am standing at. Application Support is a very tedious and stressed job as the individual has to face numerous Production Support calls from external customers (we all know how demanding Customers can be). Just to share the high-level job scopes below:

Job Descriptions:

  • Management of the Application Support Team

  • Take overall responsibility for service delivery and management of the Application Support Team

  • Accountable for identifying and mitigating risks to the service delivery

  • Responsible for co-coordinating involvement from all parties involved in the delivery of application services to the client

  • Lead periodic problem analysis meetings with all parties involved in the delivery of application services to the client

  • Lead the AM Team to follow all established processes and procedures for both development and maintenance work

  • Escalate issues and seeking of advice from Level 3 and Clients on complex issues or problems

  • Liaise with the Client’s business representatives to resolve issues

And also, some interesting Technical questions being asked as well:

  1. What are your top 5 technologies that you are familiar with. – I answered ASP.NET (Microsoft.NET framework), Opensource (PHP), Networking/Security, Data management (MS SQL, mySQL), J2EE
  2. From the #1 technology you have mentioned, what is/are the differences between ASP and ASP.NET – I answered the programming syntaxs and the libraries files/methods that are available to assist the developers for easy programming.
  3. A problem scenario – In the middle of the night around 2am, a user reported cannot access to the website (further clarification is that she can’t see the website at all after typing the whole URL) . Everything was working okay until that night happened. How do you analyze and troubleshoot the problem? – First of all, we assume that no issue with the web server and even after doing a restart. I will do a traceroute or ping from internal network and outside the firewall to see if there is any specific bottleneck on the routes to the web server. Assume the traceroutes’ analyse show from external network all the way to the server farm where the web server is resided, there is no network issue as the web server is online and accessible from other geographical locations. I will then check on the connection_timeout and the CSS/index files on whether there have been an update to these files. In my working experience, I encountered that a few JS files were overwritten by old files (I do not know why this was happening) and after replacing them with the correct files (up-to-date) the website (login page) can be seen. Another area to look at is on the folder that CSS stylesheet where it is resided on because I also experienced one case where in the code on index page the CSS style’s folder is not defined as a relative path. So we also have to take note of the setup of the codes in extracting files in relative paths.

However, this is not the job position/scope that I will like to do for now (I understand what I want to do). Keep on looking……… :).


6 Responses to “Interview on Application Support Manager”

  1. 1 Imbrucis
    October 9, 2007 at 5:00 pm

    For that problem issue, a few things to check as well:

    – the host file at the web server to make sure the ip address is correct
    – ensure the ActiveX is enabled on IE

  2. 2 Imbrucis
    October 9, 2007 at 8:41 pm

    Have an update on the problem issues. For ASP.Net, prior to the deployment these are the 3 areas to setup in sequence prior to testing on each published web page.

    * In the web server (C:\windows\drivers\system32\drives\etc\ folder), check that on these 2 files ‘host.txt’ and ‘lmhost.txt’, the IP address of the application server is to be included.

    * On the client’s IE browser, check on the ‘Advanced Tab’ that the Java version is enabled if using Javascript.

    * Also on the client’s PC, check that the proxy server setting/firewall allows to access to the web server (if the user has to access to the web site that reside inside Intranet)

  3. 3 Sudhir Kulkarni
    January 13, 2010 at 5:39 am

    The key thing in support is to understand the problem as accurately as possible(to grass-root level) , this minimizes the scope of where to look and what needs to be done to fix the issue..
    Now in this given scenario

    “can’t see the website at all after typing the whole URL” does not really tell much.. since there can be several reasons .. what we need to ask is as follows
    1: do you see any HTTP errors for ex: 500 or 403 etc..
    2: do you see that ur in loop (infinite)
    3: use browser bases snooping tools (such as TamperData on firefox) etc.. and find out where the request is stalled…
    once we have that data then start debugging and then as required go to the web server side… to further troubleshoot the problem…


  4. June 18, 2011 at 2:36 am

    after network one should check whether same problem present with other u users or not with this method we can be sure if its issue within a location or in single user or in application

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