Mistrust with contractor…..am I being fooled or what

Last 2 days were interesting as I had informed the contact that I was not accepting to go through the Beijing phone interview as I found out the job scopes were not what I am looking forward to from the Sales manager. The pre-sales consultant called me out to clarify the issue but I had been thinking that why they are so desperately to get me in. When I met out with the Sales manager, he taught me to understand the interview environment, who are the interviewers (I know one of them) and their expectations. At one point, he was suggesting to mention to them of the person who is the country manager. I was astonished by his suggestion but I blushed it away, mentioning the 2 interviewers know what needs to be done and I respect their way of workings on the interviews.

This incident broke the trust, not to mention when I asked for the job scope they mentioned there isn’t any!!!!! I understood this was a replacement job but there must be job activities that I need to work on!!!! Not to mention that they asked the girl to call me up to share with me the work scopes she is doing and what are coming in the next 6 months. Even before she called me that day, my friends and myself anticipated that they may instruct the girl to ‘tailor’ the job scopes to look interesting for me to further pursue. I am now cannot trust the ways of working and insisted to follow by books, the standard way of going through the hiring processes.

The worst part of this whole ordeal came when the presales consultant mentioned to go all the way once I agreed and understood on the scopes. But I haven’t even seen and agreed on the package and this is very unfair to me, not to mention to him as he is trying to fulfill the needs for the Client. I told him this is very unfair and if he needs to proceed further with the hiring, he may go ahead with the other candidates as well, no need to wait for me at all!!!!!!

Till today, they are still pestering me..anyway I worked it out with the presales that I go ahead with the interview and see how it goes but this will not start to commit anything to them at all.  I am thinking if I am being ‘used’ as to bridge connections for them with the Client…the collateral damage is already done.


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