Anticipating Challenges at Work

A new job week has passed and looking forward to Monday for more challenges and tight deliverables.

Being in the new job for a week, I realized the project is really in chaos, not to mention about the way of managing the testing schedules for Phase A for 2 countries that we only have 1 week to prepare the test environment, understand the testing approach and the communication plan! Likely, we only kicked-off the first Phase A testing with the vendor and from this experience, I am much more aware of what to prepare for the team for the remaining 3 testing cycles with 3 vendors 🙂 . In short I will work with the Account Manager to communicate the following information to the Customer/OEMs on:

  1. The test data (inputs) that the Customer/OEMs need to provide us to validate our backend system’s behaviour and integration testing on the data integrity.
  2. The timing/schedule that the OEMs need to communicate the test data and the completion of their testing on their side. In this case, we need to know by what time we are going to receive the test files from them via email.
  3. The completed UAT test scenarios with the inputs of the test data used for each test case. Again at this point, by right our IT team (who is managing Phase A) should already have internal IT test cases for Integration testings with Customer/OEMs but this is not the way. Probably I will raise this to the Hiring Manager tomorrow for this update and in future I also get myself ready for such testings.

Next, I will be working with Account Manager on finalizing the Business Requirement Documents for Phase B of the project (localizations). Last Friday, we sat down to discuss on the business logics/process on managing manual translations of addresses. The filtering of the translations go through a pre-processor that filtered them out by the country code in which double-byte country needs to be translated (East Asian countries like Taiwan, Korea, Japan). Secondly, it will validate the postal code of the address tally with the Mainframe system (via a look-up table that needs to be maintained in monthly-basis) before displaying the full shipping details of a parcel for manual translations.

The importance of mapping the Customers’ postal code against the lookup table(file) is to ensure the data integrity of the Mainframe is not impacted and still ‘Business as usual’ mode for the Operations.  This is the important fact to remember when I need to do business analyzing.

Moving forward, I shall start working on the Test plan and other informations in case these can be reused for the remaining testing cycles as mentioned. 🙂


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