Another commotion at work…

Another controversy raised at work. We were working on the next UAT this coming Thursday. Part of the scope is that we need to use an ‘automatic’ process to send a particular message (not in flat file) to a financial tracking solution at the Client’s office.

Initially there was an issue on the SAP Sales organization’s structure that is to setup for the required sales offices for 2 countries as the financial code used is a standard being used by all countries in Asia Pacific region.   Few weeks back, this issue was resolved with the fixes from Client’s SAP SD.  About 1.5 weeks ago, we confirmed this implementation and were getting the IT team to assist in this UAT.  A feedback came back that an additional scope is to be implemented for a secure transmission channel from back-end to the Client’s financial system.  Required FTP userid, password and the system’s URL were provided prior to the setup for the testing.

However for the last 1 week, the IT lead reverted that they were not able to meet the UAT time line as the change falls onto the change freeze period whereby no new code should be deployed to Production.  This was communicated to all parties and the IT lead was supposed to revert on the development schedule in which this is still the outstanding item from him as I am writing this blog.  In order to support this implementation, business justification is to be provided and IT lead will decide how to move forward for the implementation, likely that it will be delivered in January 2008.

I am not too sure what is going on here as I tried to follow-up on the preparation works for this testing and up till now, we are still in the discussion of the implementation at this stage.  I had follow-up with mail to the IT team for their advices and moving forward plan (as least with the planned development time line even though we are in the freeze period of not doing anything).  Moreover, I am once again ‘included’ in the mails of ‘heated exchanges’ between the account manager and IT manager on us being slacked and not prioritizing our focus on this project.

Now I will just have to see what are the bottlenecks and perhaps tomorrow, we have to inform the Client that the UAT has to be postponed but we need to know what is the most realistic time for this testing, probably in January………


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