Updates on Phase B Tasks

As of today, the following items are completed since last week:

  1. Sign-off of the Business Requirement Document – Done
  2. Review the environment setup for Production (printers, server, network setup, resources, etc). – In progress
  3. Draft the training plan (resources, setups) – In progress
  4. Draft the high level test plan and approaches – In progress
  5. Continuing with current business analysis of the project requirements from vendors – In progress
  6. Service Level Support for Manual translation
  7. Concept document on SAP data-mapping against LMF specification format. – In progress

For the test environment, it is known that we need to do in a non-Production system to test out the new pre-processor and manual translation via the new solution. Secondly is to double-confirm from the printer’s manual if it is supporting unicode printing in which I will need to check with the local IT manager for confirmation.

High-level test plan with the possible testing scopes, resources, setups is drafted. Importantly are the test cases that will covers the performance, functional and support level test scripts. This is going for further discussion tomorrow and meantime to get from the team who are the resources that I can look up for during the last 2 weeks of the month as most people will be away for vacations.

I review the SOP document and come along some ideas on the support issues that may experience from manual translations and the pre-processor handling. I am going to write them down into a draft document for further discussion.


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