Defining Test Plan and Strategy

In preparation for Phase B testing, with the feedbacks from customer and vendors, they request to us to setup the new solution/components onto their production sites so that they are able to perform all the needed testings without going through our IT team to assist to print and review the results.

  • China team can only involve in the testing after their daily operation activites which means they can participate after 5pm local time for any testings.  Common issue from previous arrangment (a.k.a manual testing since test files are to send to IT team to upload to our test machine)  is all teams were waiting for each other’s update, resulting time lapse in review and obtain feedbacks from each other on their analysis.  We need to review the overall testing approach, one way is to get our China Support to work longer hours till 9pm local time. 
  • As to setup an ‘automatic’ testing approach, we also need to ensure that the integration and UAT testings should not be done on production’s hardwares/existing resources.  This is to protect the current business operations as you will never know what issues may faced during the testing and may impact the production operations which is going to be a very terrible situation to manage.  If going for automatic testing, we need to have a test environment/equipment for all the involved parties/systems.  We need to do thorough study on this to understand what are in-scoped from the testing, based from the experiences from Phase A.

As to the defect management, we need to have at least 2 working days’ effort in a week for the offshore team to fix and deploy the patch to the test environment/equipement before re-testing.  It is not going to be an issue as the offshore team is located in Europe and with the timezone differences, we can communicate to the UAT teams that they will need to perform their testing from Monday – Thursday, with Thursday evening for analysing and prioriting defects and the Friday is left for defect fixing on those to be delivered the following week from our offshore team.


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