Understanding my grounds in the project

Being positioned as a vendor in this project, I have to be very clear of the expectations being at that level.  This is totally different in managing an external customer and internal customer.  I do not have the visibility to the contract of the project but there are some terms in which the vendor have to forfeit should any agreed items in the contract is not fulfilled so we have to be careful on the activities we are to commit to deliver.  But at the same time, we need to know what are the scopes being covered for the contract as any changes to the current scopes have to go through certain level of escalations and negotiations between both contract managers from both sides and probably more project costs included with a well-justified business case to support the scope changes.

The above situation does happen for internal customers, just that the project cost remains within the same organisation/Company (‘transferring’ between Cost centers).  Being working with internal customers, we are all moving towards the projects with common objectives to achieve to enhance the Company’s business benefits (not to mention we can easy forgive one another should we made some errors and able talk alot of things).  In a vendor’s working environment, we have to be careful and tactful about what we said as not to jeopedize the Company’s interests.  Details are very important at this level.


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