Priorities for Global Projects in MNCs

Today we received an update from the Client that go-live date for Phase 2 with OEMs might be in April. The reason given is that the same OEMs’ resources whom are working on Phase B project, are also working on the other global projects from the Client. All along, we are thinking why OEMs are controlling the project but now I have a clearer picture of what might have happened. I was wondering how OEMs are able to manage the Client but I am not eliminating a possibility on this as most project managers do have tough time managing their vendors.

I used to work in MNCs and clearly understand how they aligned their global IT projects along with the overall business strategies the organization like to achieve. This has to really go down to senior management to prioritize which projects the OEMs have to work on and this has to be a global alignment. It is not easy to manage regional projects if the Global team do not understand the business priorities and benefits the regional projects have in-place for the Organization. Probably someone has to stand up and produce the valid business case to justify the importance of the project to go live on time, resolving the resources’ shortage. A global alignment organization should oversee the project portfolios and follow-up all project progress and mitigations as not to minimize the project impacts. Probably the overall project planning was too ambitious and haven’t taken into considerations of ‘unforeseen’ situations arise (e.g. the December festive seasons, recent Phase A’s go-live in early December etc)


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