Review of Project Activities as of today

This week I am currently on the business trips to 2 countries to provide user training, as well as, setting up test data and hands-on the beta release of the solution that was released by the central team last Tuesday.  More ongoing system testing is to be done for this coming week, starting off with the test scenarios I have created.

Moving forward after the training, I will need to execute these follow-ups with the users on:

  1. Remainder of the Integration and User Acceptance testings that they (both the IT and Operation users) need to involve to assist the teams (I have already communicated the schedule for the above 2 testings are to start from mid-February till late March.
  2. Inform these country team to provide their emails for the setup of the email notifications for the system.
  3. Check with central team to share wit us the up-to-date Master Locations File to install/update onto the solution (in Test Environment) so that we can anticipant which test values to use when setting up the test data for both testings.
  4. Follow-up with the users on any updates/issues with the handons of the solution. I have provided them the test environment URL, userid and password for them to try on.  Users are at their best to understand the system when they have hands-on on the actual system.

 Review of Project Activities as of today, the following items are completed:

  1. Sign-off of the Business Requirement Document – Done
  2. Review the environment setup for Production (printers, server, network setup, resources, etc). – In progress with the recent release of the beta release of the solution last week.
  3. Draft the training plan (resources, setups) – Done.  I am currently on business trips to train the trainers/operation personnels on understanding the solution, target to complete by January 29.
  4. Draft the high level test plan and approaches – Done.  Manual testing is preferred as not to interrupt existing production lines. 
  5. Continuing with current business analysis of the project requirements from vendors – Done for Vendor A.  Vendor B’s implementation is still on feasibility study, likely the project schedule has to re-align.
  6. Service Level Support for Manual translation – Done.  Using the existing Service Level Support for the existing business
  7. Concept document on SAP data-mapping against LMF specification format. – Done.

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