Change Management, Escalations, Internal conflicts

When a project is getting bigger with lots of parties involved, it makes existing steering board difficult in decision-making efforts as to whom is/are the rightful stakeholders that holds major influences in this area and impact the project’s outcomes, resulting internal conflicts among organisations.

Change management is one point that senior management has to keep communications opens to all organisation levels, including middle management.  The project I currently involving lacks open communications on new processes and procedures to all departments on the rightful ways of doing things.  Hence, people have different expectations on the project teams to get things done and at the same time, over-commit the promises and raise unexpected ‘high’ expectations from the Customer on the service provider.

Basically, noone likes to have new changes to the daily operations whereby existing working models have been long established and stable for the last few years.  And when there are needed changes, effective communication has to be established and work out a working model for ongoing projects within minimum impacts.  To go along with that, resources, business strategies, processes have to make known to all involved in the project.

Right now, the project has been escalated to higher management as due to misunderstanding of the proposed solution provided for Phase B for Vendor B implementation.  Everyone is denying or not admitting the areas they are at fault in in particular on the business requirements document that signed-off by the Account Manager who turned around to mention not being aware of the proposed solution for this phase.  Maybe some initial IT/business discussions were over-looked, not being communicated or agreed with the Customer during the feasibility study.

No doubt, at the moment a big issue now as the Customer has disagreed that they had never come to the point to accept the proposed solution for vendor B as per specific on the business requirement document signed by the Account Manager.  I am also in doubt that whether the Account manager has communicated/discussed any information from the business requirement document with the Customer before even signing off the document.


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