Lack of Project Plan, I am working on one right now

When I was engaged in the project to oversee the development of the single/double-byte solution, the first thing I requested to the project team if we have a project plan, task list of the activities we will be covering but there is none.  As I been staying in the project for some time, more project activities came up, involving some configuration setups of new invoicing accounts.

Not to mention for this Phase B, similar setups are required for the new accounts.  Regards to the timelines, all related setups including for the financial system are to be done by end March.  That includes the network setup to the Client’s CRM application as part of the BPO services to report to them.

Since no one is willing to draft out the project plan, I myself did a quick WBS (work breakdown structure) of the activities involved for Phase B.  The ‘high-level’ activities are:

  1. New accounts setup for the Financial System
  2. Integration of EDI invoicing between Financial system with a 3rd-party solution.
  3. User Training (both local IT and Operations) on the new double-byte solution.
  4. User Training (Customer Services) on the CRM system
  5. Network setup to Client’s CRM system via VPN
  6. Test Plan for end-to-end testings between financial system and a 3rd-party solution for invoicing
  7. Test Plan for end-to-end testings from tracing the recipient of the shipment to the delivery to consumer using a shipment tracking system
  8. Test Plan for end-to-end testing of shipment details to double-byte solution between vendor A and vendor B (including regression testing)
  9. Infrastructure/system setups for the new solution, including translations, new user profiles for the existing and new production lines.
  10. Documenting system and user guides for the new solution
  11. Consolidating change requests and prioritisation.
  12. Conducts post-project review after project go-live.

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