A shed of light, after all hard works of suppressing conflicts

Today I received a news from the IT Manager on the current situation of the ‘sage’ of the importance of prioritizations.  As the direction from the Global IT-Business organisation’s concern, whoever involved in the projects who have change requests to engage on needs to go through the change process managment with their respective Global Engagment team in working out the priorities for the Global IT organisation to work on for the engaging periods.

It is such a relief to myself and IT manager.  We had been withholding the integrity and principles of work with the Global IT team in aligning the IT-business strategies that the Company is working on, even though under the great pressures from the regional account manager.  Right now, everyone of us in the project team is clear of the escalations, change management’s procedures to work with the Global IT-Business team and put on the necessary expectations in working with the Client.  In Sales organisation, any sales person is likely to over-commit themselves in front of the Customer and pushing others to get information done, even though we need to brain-storm and analysis the situations together.  For this situation, the account manager has made some mistakes on the solutioning of the system to the Client and now she is being ‘backfired’ and to follow the procedures with the rest of the team members.


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