Another Hectic Day of the Integration Testing

Last week we have started the 2 weeks’ Integration testing, covering on the connectivity, functionality and data integrity. Taken into consideration that these are the major areas to look out for

Being proactive, I have also executed on the following software engineering principles:

  1. Algorithm correctness – multi-packing, postal codes-town name validations, exceeds limitation of cartons
  2. Internet Performance – Page loading responses
  3. Usability
  4. Portability

Lecture Notes – Software Quality Engineering

Beside that, I have been informed to take the lead in updating the project progress, service requests, issues for weekly meetings. I am not sure why the project team has come into this stage of distrust and lack of information-sharing. Probably it is the lack of understanding or managing expectations among team members, but the most important factor is the team members’ commitments and the support of Management to ensure everyone understands the way of workings, change management. Maybe I should be the one to take up this role, being diplomatic and get things done and knowing the escalation processes.

As for today, I am starting to get more visibility on the current progress of the software and lots to work on for the deployment, especially to get the following equipments and configurations required for the setups.


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