Retrospective on Project Implementation

The go-live date has postponed for almost 3 weeks and stakeholders are busy at this stage to review the current progress, issues and action plan to fulfill the revised date. At the same time, it is time to reflect what has gone wrong. The view I have for this project is that we had started our testing only at the middle stage and unexpectedly we encountered some critical issues that require detailed analysis and solutions. Perhaps we should also highlighted that out to the Customer on the impacts of such delays and expectations to fulfill even though the whole team was trying our utmost efforts to complete and sign-off the User Acceptance testing.

Testing aside, in the implementation we had not been able to highlight and address some issues earlier that may have impacts to the go-live. Waiting till the very last moment and decided not to go-live with the solution not because that we had pending UAT issues to resolve, but also on the configuration/setups of the system that the development team was still discussing on makes me uneasy about the whole setups, even for the testing results obtained. The configurations should have firm up even before UAT starts.

In any new solution, reports are important element as to determine what information that end users may require to review the improvements and data analysis for collections. We missed the deadline in delivering the required reports and those are important ones that are needed once we move the solution into operations. At this stage, we resort to prioritizing the change request of the reports to be delivered by the revised date. This will also help the development team in allocating the resources on the priorities to work on and also to fulfill the end users’ expectation.


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