Unfinished Feasibility Study and Unrealistic Plans

It has been 5 weeks on the new job, getting myself familiar with the working cultures and the people I am going to work with. True enough, the project team members I am working with, do not really care about documentations and proper handover processes. Lots of the technical guides and user training materials are out-dated and no one is maintaining them on support basis. I am having hard time to go through each of the documents on the shared network folder to understand the solution that the project team is trying to deliver within the next 2 months from now.

For the past 3 weeks I had been traveling to the nominated countries for the workshops to understand the new business initiative, business requirements and “To-Be” processes that are to execute for them. During these periods, I was surprised to know none of the Customer’s regional team was presented with their fellow country’s counterparts! The next surprise I got is that we were doing reverse-planning of the project activities from the dates of go-live for those countries. In the process, I realized we are much very far-behind of the deliverables to achieve and lots of pressures from the business to get them done. But on the other hand, the SOP is not finalized and sign-off from the Customer as well and this is a critical milestone not to be ignored as it affects the system flows of the solution we are going to develop, and we haven’t yet complete a full draft of the System Requirement document of the Global solution, the proposed solution is still in implementation stage and customizations from the countries are to be done using this solution as the ‘foundation’. Realistically we are facing so many challenges and works in a short period.

Being understanding on the commercial factors that derives the other reasons for the short project’s schedules we need to get everything ready in 2 months’ time. The strategies I am working on right now are to understand what are the important deliverables to achieve to ensure each and every team member is able to get on with their works with minimum impacts, and constant communications with each of them before we are hit with any possible show stoppers. The other factors to look into is to get the sponsor’s agreement to understand what are the core functions to deliver and prioritize iterative development in phases.


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