Software Release Management for Shared Program

Assumptions are killers. Even though we are experienced in some skillsets but somehow we do overlook some minor activities that affects the overall process. Although I am not technically inclined or knowledgeable on PowerBuilder, at least we need to understand the basic components to push for any code changes.

In the project I am working on, the main program code is maintained at regional level and we are looking at generalizing the core functionalities that are applicable to the local countries’ system requirements. When going down to customizations we are trying to update the business rules at the country level and the component is the reports (as far as I aware of). So, when we come to any changes make to the program we will do it in the way that the program will highlight to the user when they are logging to the program there is a new patch and the information of the objects being updated. The country IT has to take note of what are the new objects being changed and if they have done any customizations on that affected objects they have to redo the customization done after the new patch is being updated. This is really strange as we should try to maintain customizations at business rules level, not at the system level. We need to work out a process to share with the regional/local organisations on what to be standardized and maintained by regional team and what customizations are allowed at country level to maintain generalization and easy mantainance of the program.


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