Wrap-ups for the Trip

 Although for the past 3 days that I have not achieved my desired outcomes from the discussions with the team for this trip, I have eventually made new action plans and objectives to get things moving to solve the current issues.

 Activities that have been done so far:

  1. Explore the possibility of hosting of web service locally and managed by each country IT team.
  2. Explore the possibility of a global development’s work on the web services for the affected countries.
  3. Expand the resources’ capability to support the development of the ERP system for Country K by drafting out the roles and responsibilities.
  4. Review Customer’s functional specification and identify new changes for the project.

Action Plans:

  1. Involve the new resources for helping Country K with the gap analysis.  This may probably require a trip to Country K to see their program.
  2. Review with the development team on the possibility of developing a web service for all countries.
  3. Review the necessary hardware, software involved for the hosting of the web service with countries.
  4. Obtain country’s project plan, impacts and activities list on the items they need to work on for the project/solution.  This may result in producing high-level IT costs for evaluation.
  5. Request for a consultant whom is familiar with ERP solution to assist Country K in terms of advising or suggesting inputs from gap analysis.
  6. Review web tracking tool with global development team on the feasibility to reuse the concept and design for country K.

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