Another hectic August 2008 passes by

I haven’t been log-on for the whole month of August due to hectic working schedules and feel myself ‘word-block’ at this time.  Nevertheless since today is the last day for August 2008 it is worth to reminisce what had been good and bad for this past month.

Firstly I will like to touch on the projects that I am managing at the moment.  At this point, there are 2 medium (Account A) and 1 large project (Account B) that I had done kickoffs for the past few weeks, organizing the stakeholders and project team members.  The progress are slow but at least we have established the Project Organization chart for each project, the roles and responsibilities that each team member is assigned to as to keep things moving.  The next steps for now is to consolidating the respective project’s scopes, estimated schedule and costs to submit to Senior Management for review and approval before we start off the implementations.

One project has gone live but we have not established the Support Organization to manage change requests and production support.  Reason is that we at regional level do not have resources to act this role and we had consulted the local country IT team to act as the regional team for this role but is rejected.  This has escalated to Senior Management to sort out the conflict and advise me accordingly so that I can plan the handover activities to the assigned regional team.

Besides projects, I am also working on managing Service Support for a post-deployment project.  I have taken over this account (Account C) for almost 3 months now and we are still in the project implementation phase.  I need to work out the SLA (Service Level Agreement) and Support Processes to make an official handover of the project/solution to the Support Organization.  At the same time, we have been working with Network teams in 2 countries to rectify the network performance issue reported by the Customer.  Investigations are done in collecting traceroute and ping results from Customer’s office, our Europe’s Intranet and broadband connections and analysis were done to determine where is/are the bottlenecks that causing the issue.  As much to our hard work and participations, we received feedback from the Customer that her concern is not the users in Europe, but in Asia Pacific region where her agents and vendors are.  Tomorrow in the office, I will sit down with the network and application teams to understand the follow-up plans, and activities to work on this issue.  This is going to be inputted in my program road map for this account in the coming months.

Already 5 months into the new job, I am also working on the programs’ roadmaps for these accounts, planning and initialing the solutions to work on them.  For my personal development, I have started to looking into workshops/course on program management and IT governance to upgrade and apply these knowledges to the works I am currently working on.


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  1. September 10, 2009 at 10:19 pm

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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