Resource’s Incompetence in Business Analysis

My worst nightmare has begun as I have expected.  As of today, I have not yet received the project activities, schedule and cost’s efforts from Country K and worst of all, I received the feedback from my Regional Business Account Manager that they are expecting “something” from Regional IT.  Country K does not have a Process Manager to work out the “To-Be” processes for the new processes and system enhancements.  Lots of people in this account have either left the Company or move on to a new role.

This issue has highlighted to the Management but there is so much we Regional IT can assist.  We have gathered resources to develop a couple of components but for the business processes there, there is nothing much we can do and we need them to assist the regional development teams to understand the changes to be made on the functionality as to cater to the new processes.

I like to highlight this issue to my Management but on second thoughts I have been asking – what can they do for me at this point?  I foreseen this issue is beyond of my control but I do really need help to clarify this with them to get things move on.  Still I will still go ahead to escalate this to Management and see what are their suggestions.

Is there any way I can help them?  I feel so helpless at this point……


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