Recession-proof SOA – Is it for now?

Currently I am working on the strategy road-maps with the other Account managers to understand the common platforms we have established for our Customers and to ‘reuse’ them for new initiatives, RFP etc.  However I am lost in understanding what are the best practises that we should focus on the initiatives in improving the applications that we are to work on.  There are unclear directions from top management on what we are looking for and how to align all organisations to work towards them.

Not only we are looking into improvise SOA architecture for the integrations of existing applications, we are also facing stress from Business Development/Operations on ongoing new business opportunities and mis-aligning on the solutions to provide for the RFPs, without consulting us.  No official communication is distributed to them to engage my Organisation in participating initial RFPs’ planning and other contractual discussions.

With the likely down-term on global economics, the Organisation may not be looking forward to further align SOA strategy.  Will existing improvements on legacy applications going to be the way to sustain ongoing businesses during this economic crisis?  Or what other areas – business re-engineering their existing processes to reduce hefty IT costs on maintaining legacy systems?

  1. Are we going to look into incremental improvements on existing applications?
  2. Is business/operation looking at improvements on existing business processes?

Reference to understand SOA blueprint – http://www.ebizq.net/topics/soa/features/7474.html?&pp=1


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