Criteria for Network Performance Improvements

A long, pending issue that being bothering the team for the past 1 year.  What surprise me is that no one has been looking or analyzing the problem till this account has handover to me 6 months ago when I joined the Company.

Prior to execute the performance testing for our web application, the team has worked out the feasibility study and proposed action plans to understand what needs to be done for the testing.  The requests from Customer includes paging segmentation (returns 50 records per page) and file compressions on the documents and images.

Beside improvements made on the application, we also have to draft out the proposed SLA on understanding what are the benchmarks/threshold values that we are looking at as part of the criteria to determine the improvements we are moving forward to work on in terms of network performance.

  1. What is the acceptance criteria for the desired page loading response for a complete page (in seconds).
  2. What is/are the critical pages/functions that we need to improve on for the page loading?
  3. Search engine – how can we optimise the search engine?
  4. What is the current network architecture network path the response packets are going through and the bottlenecks?
  5. Which geographical locations that most of the users are accessing the application.
  6. Which user group is badly affected by the network performance issue and their locations.

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