Deployment Plan for SFTP-to-AS2 migration

After weeks of discussions on the deployment approach for the AS2 migration, we have come up with the agreement to work on the “big bang” deployment for all 5 countries to cut-over on the same go-live date, even though we have not yet fixed on the exact date.

The pilot run, as we also terms it as, is to have the one channel of the transmission (outbound – from us to Customer site) using SFTP connection, and the other channel (inbound – from Customer site to us) using AS2 connection.  In our existing configurations with SFTP, for the distribution of the country-related EDIs we are using an extraction program residing on FTP server and then ftp-ed over to the country’s FTP server to process the files for operations.  Thinking over that the main source of connection via SFTP is hosted in Country A and the intended migration to AS2 hosting is in Country B I assume that for the pilot run, we may need the country’s local site to setup 2 FTP paths to transmit inbound files through SFTP and receive inbound files through AS2.

I hope my assumption is correct.  Anyway next week when I am back in office, I will be discussing this over with the project team to see what are the areas of concerns we have, especially on the escalations and fallback plans that are to be in-place should anything goes wrong during the first 2 days of the cutover.


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