Strategy Planning and Change Management Alignments

When we comes to discuss about strategy plannings for IT business systems, most of the time we are trying to target to identify effective, low-cost and a possible ‘all-in-one’ solutions that best-suit the business and IT objectives.  This is part of my work scope that I will advise the Organization on the directions we are moving onto.

For the past few months, I am working on the project on web services and we had already defined the solution of having a common program API to deploy to the 4 countries’ WMS solution as part of the messaging feeds with the Customer’s site.  Developing a ‘multi-client’ WMS solution for the 4 countries is not feasible as the existing solution is a legacy system that the Organization has decided to scrap off due to the complexity and business processes’ differences among the countries.  Hence the maintenance of this solution is the responsibility of the local country.

Recently, I received the news from my Manager that the Organisation is now looking into the solutioning for a global platform for WMS as our Business Development is looking into new business development with Customer for the upcoming geographical locations.  The worst part of this initiative that this solution has to be in-place with the current project’s implementations that we had earlier agreed on the scopes with the countries!  This really results a critical change management for the project, especially when we are already in the midst of the business requirements with the involved countries and solutioning already drafted based on the agreed approach and we still have to fulfill the customer’s request to get this go-live in April 2009.  This is really a very difficult decision to make and we have an urgent workshop to conduct with the countries and we are not sure what are the objectives to cover for the discussion.

What I am looking forward is how we are going to find a solution for all and to identify the risks and priorities in managing this last-minute decision on the change in the system design for the project.


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