Post-moterm: Workshop in Australia

I was in Sydney for the past 2 weeks to discuss on the generic Warehouse Management solution.   The agenda of the workshop changed when the discussion went onto covering commercial aspects of the project and it didn’t serve the purpose to these participants from the Customers (2 from Operations, 1 from Logistics) to make any decisions at that point.

I, myself from the regional team, went through the country’s business requirements from Customer.  The difficulties we faced was we did not have any internal business requirements or “To-Be processes” from our country’s operations on how to manage the new enhancements from Customer.  It was a total mess and the project manager was leaving the Organisation in couple of days and nothing was established within the team to discuss the move-forward plan for documentations.

Sitting down with my system analyst, we went through every single paragraph on the Customer BRD together with Korea to understand where are the similarities for both and identifying the core functionality for robustness and scalability for future enhancements and new deployments for new sites.  The high level, estimated time-line for the availability of the solution is planned for next December 2009 with the considerations of the complexity and ongoing issues that we are facing at this moment.  The Management did not like the plan as this was taking too long to develop and get ready for the requirements for the upcoming RFQs with the Cusotmer.  The teams were dismayed and objected to unrealistic comments, scope-down of the requirements to achieve this timeline as the problem we faced was more than just the complexity of the solution.  Human resources, required documents and analysis are to take care of to meet that timelines.  Last week, we sit down and look into the customer’s needs for the next 4 months’ deployments, working out several alternatives to achieve April 2009 go-live and iterative developments for December 2009.

Right now, it is up to the Steering Commitee to make their final decisions and going forward for the project in the next few days.


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