Interim Solution for May 2009 Go Live

Today is an important day for the Management to make a decision on the moving forward plan for May 2009 and full-fetch plan for the generic solution.  The issue of the problem has not yet tackled on the possibility of implementing the interim solution for Korea.  No doubt, we need to implement the same solution for Korea in order to keep in sync with the regional plans and to avoid double works from the limited resources that we have right now.

First thing we need to do is to re-establish the project organization for the project, to ensure each country has an accountability to monitor and track the project’s progress in this tight time line.  The issue I am worried is more of Korea as they do not have the necessary resources to track and perform project management activities.  Probably that has to leave to the country director to understand and establish the alignments and understandings of their involvements in the coming months.  Next step is to engage the web service’s development team to work towards the revised project plan to develop this component of the solution ready by February 2009 at all means.  Looking at the plan, we are on track and definitely to push for earlier completion so that the other teams have more time to understand and perform unit testings before the joint testing with Customer in early March 2009.

As for the solution design for interim solution, we are to come up the agreed concept before Christmas eve and the whole team is to work together to share and advise the best, effective approach to reach this target.  Lots of work for us to work on before the Christmas break!


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