Wrap-up on the commerical asap!!!

Last 3 months we been working on the commerical for a Customer account.  This had been ongoing for months and nothing tangible was addressed throughout the whole process.

Recently I have a conference meeting with the Customer.  Note that I was only involved with providing estimations of the IT project activities and costings.  I did not have any ideas of the discussions my Business Account Manager had with the Customer.  In joining to the call, to my initutions, the customer will like to know the details of the project activities/man-days that been addressed from my Business Account manager.  In the middle of the discussions, it was brought out from the Customer as he liked to know how we derived the maximum numbers of days for the development components.  I was of course, stuck with this question as I was not sure if the Account Manager mentioned anything like it was a new solution or ‘off-the-shelf’ software that involves customisations for the proposal.  Again, with I can think of, I mentioned the latter and Customer pointed out that they like to know the details of the development for that components and to share with them promptly as they are in a stage of negotiating the contract and this component is the main key to clear off before deciding on the contract.

True enough, after the discussion my Manager phoned me up and requested me to write out the activities and shared with the rest before sending to the Customer.  I thought I have already shared the information with them when I was in Sydney with the teams, addressing the changes and needed works on those changes.

I do hope that we can clear this thing up as soon as possible as the teams are pressuring us on the internal charging mechanisms for their efforts for this project.


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