Implementation of Web services for WMS

I am working on Phase A of a project whereby our existing solution’s file transmission channel will be replaced with web services, integrating with our Customer’s web service gateway.  The project is pretty tight as we are aware of the requirements last month and to implement by end-March for go-live with Customer.  As such, we have to manage in a proper project management processes to ensure the needed scopes are covered and “scope creep” are identified to ensure we can deliver the time-lines.

The in-scopes activities are:

  1. Identify data elements’ gaps, review and agree on the correct data mappings for the mandatory elements against the web services’ requirements.
  2. Identify operational gaps due to the new requirements, review and agree on the appropriate change management for the existing business processes.
  3. Identify solution changes for the existing Warehouse Management solution, especially on the data extraction/stored procedures.
  4. Identify the solution design for web service API for 4 countries.
  5. Development of the web service API, with reference to the Web service specifications/WSDL from the Customer’s requirements.
  6. Develop test plan (i.e. test strategy, schedule, entry/exit criteria etc) for System Testing and User Acceptance Testing.
  7. Deployment plan (i.e. installation of web service API, database refresh).

The out-scopes activities are:

  1. No new WMS functionality included in this phase of the project.
  2. No new inter-related sub-project included in this phase of the project.

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