Another Arguement on Test Plan

Today, we had a “destructive” discussions with the Client on leveraging the testing schedule, a project issue and a change request.  We still come back to the initial plan that the Customer will like to start the testing as planned for mid-February.  However, our development works cannot complete at that time due to certain factors like dependency on the webservices’ development, late sign-off/agreement on the requirements, and changes that come along the project phase.

Up till today, neither party agrees to the late testing schedule as in our initial plan.  Internally the team is trying their very best efforts to complete the work by end February but with the customer’s preference and persistence to get the testing to start next week we feels that we are facing project failure if no proper development is achieved just to ‘please’ the customer.  I fully understand the reason behind the early testing as due to the complexity of the scopes and more testing is required to ensure critical defects are identified and resolved prior to April go-live.

If the ultimate objective is to have low, minimum impacts for Operations during go-live, I feel that we need to do careful development works and proper testings to produce the quality works.  If we are to rush and care to get things done just to meet the go-live date we are actually facing the project failure and may result more issues when go-live.  We cannot achieve quality work in a short period, not to mention to work on the change requests that come along.  In simple words, we can’t have both worlds together.

Tomorrow I have to get back to the Customer if we can achieve the required testing scopes by end February.  I do know by now, we are not possible to make it.  Seems like the last resort I have is to escalate to the Management and postpone the go-live date may be the solution if to achieve our planned testing schedule and scopes with the Customer.

Just have to leave with it………


2 Responses to “Another Arguement on Test Plan”

  1. February 14, 2009 at 3:23 am

    I am interested in you writing some articles for my website, Clarety Consulting. Please could i have your email address so we could disucss this further. Thank you

    • 2 apricotbaby
      March 14, 2009 at 10:09 am

      Dear Kevin,

      Thank you for the interest. I just realized your comment had gone into the ‘Spam’ folder and I didn’t check it now till today. Yes I am interested to work with you and to understand more of the engagement.

      This is my email address: elaine.leongsk@googlemail.com

      Looking forward to hear from you soon.

      Best regards,

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