Webservice Call Problem

The web service project has finally gone live over the weekend.  Connectivity testing was performed from all 4 sites, uploaded tens of records into the Warehouse Management System and everything was fine and sign-off to move to Production.

Today, thousands of records for Australia were unable to proceed further from the Customer’s web service.  We went to troubleshoot on the network performance, system processing time, acknowledgment responses time etc but still we were surprised why the batch job was always rejected at the Customer’s end.

We investigated and we realized a couple of issues.  Firstly, the data from the Customer.  It seems that in few records in the affected batch run have data errors and hence when a batch of records is sent to the Customer and if there is an error, it is not able to acknowledge the ACK and reject the batch.  This means that if 3 out of the 10 records have data errors, the remaining 7 ‘clean’ records are still being rejected!!

Secondly there is an issue with the validation rule from the Customer’ end.  As of today, except for the 2 major elements that have data validation’s check we are not able to know what are the other validation rule applies for each of the element of a web service call.  This may also cause the above-mentioned issue whereby user may not know if the incident is due to wrong data and result the ‘looping’ to occur and might crash the system.  It has been found out that for the new set of error, the transaction status “B” was somehow rejected by the system.  As such, the team has ‘manually’ amended the affected records’ transaction status to “A” (the accepted status) in order for the rest of the webservice calls to be activated and our system is able to grab more records.


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