Misunderstandings at Work…so it is?

I saw this interesting articles on what are the types of misunderstanding to avoid: http://www.builderau.com.au/strategy/career/soa/10-ways-to-avoid-misunderstandings-at-work/0,2000063986,339295027,00.htm

In the office environment, the misunderstanding in work is not just based on memos, meeting requests or phone calls.  Sometimes the other party is just unwillingly to accept any additional responsibility to their current workloads.  People who are staying long in a Company just want to work 9-to-5 hours, relaxing and getting their salary at every month’s end.

Just refer to my current working environment, I have an pending activity from another colleague in the other department to get back on the project road map and alignments with the Customer and countries.  For all the emails, and meeting correspondences for the activity I have been included him in the loop but he still “acts” at though he is not too clear on the situation.  Even on a certain day we caught up each other on the road (he was the one who waved at me first) and we chatted very attentive to this problem but when the issue has escalated, he seems like he was not in the picture of the all things at all!  Probably I am being too sensitive to these matters but I feel that at that point, everyone is pushing the matter to my hands in which I am not able to assist on.

The best way to clear this up is always, always to follow up with a face-to-face meeting or phone call after addressing the problem/issue onto memos or emails so that everyone is clear on what they are suppose to look out or follow up on the matters.


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