Something is going wrong with the workshop agenda

After couple of months reviewing the business narrative, we have come back to the beginning stage that we lost track of the whole receiving process of the shipments’ handling for our warehouses.

We are working towards state diagram to inter-relate each operation process and the web service call for each stage.  The problem is who should be the right person to provide this information.  In this morning discussion, everyone has a different view and opinion of the achievements to make for the upcoming the agenda for Country A’s workshop.  We need to include the objectives to be achieved at each timetable and the overall outcome from the workshop so that the participants in that workshop know what they need to prepare before coming into the meeting room.

All of us are stuck with the business narrative, trying to map each paragraph to the exact process flows for each stage of inventory receiving, control, despatch etc, the full end-to-end flow for warehouse management.  We are now worried that the document is incomplete, without knowing if the Operations are aware and comfortable with their defined “To-Be” processes to cater for the new requirements.

With the timeline drawing near, we are not sure how much we can push the country to provide as much updates to the business narrative in order for us to start working on solutioning.   We just have to go along with the flow and do what we can for now.


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