Stakeholders’ Buy-in To the New Project Plan

We have revised the project plan and the project is going to be delayed by 3 months, with the reasons identified that are causing the delay.  This had brought out to the Steering Committee (or do we really have a Steering Committee in the first place???).  The reasons we have are:

  1. Resources that are to be involved with this project B were actively involved in earlier project A that conflicts with the activities that were being planned.
  2. The project A was on high priority list and it is a dependency to Project B.  We have to complete project A before we can start to engage with the Customer to work on Project B.
  3. The resources involved in Project A acquire the same knowledge that we need to work on Project B.

During last Thursday kickoff meeting, the revised time line was shown and  had presented to them the information for the delay.  Indeed this did not please the stakeholders in the meeting but the project team had done what they had to mitigate the risks and ultimately we tried all possibilities and this was the only way to move the project forward.  The action is now leave to the Business Manager to inform the Customer of this delay and alternatively what we are trying to do to see if we can speed up or agree on the iterative releases of the solution  at the end of the feasibility study phase (refer to link for information on DSDM –http://www.codeproject.com/KB/architecture/dsdm.aspx)

The next step we need to do to get the stakeholders’ agreement that we are working towards the new go-live date and to inform the Customer about this so that all of us are aligned and start to plan the remaining activities to be involved for each party.


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