Validaty period for the costings for the Infastructure proposal

This has never come to my mind that vendors will keeps on changing their quotations for the hardware, software and the service support costings due to the competitive economy nowadays.

We has reviewed a previous proposal that was about 2 months old and we got the revised costing from the vendors and had to update it for our Account Manager for next week’s workshop.  The initial proposal was given to the Customer 2 months ago but there was no update from the Customer on the moving forward plan on how to proceed with the proposal.  There are lots of changes happened for the last 2 months and so was the pricing quoted by our vendors as we just gone through the review today.

No doubt, the Account Manager does not accept the changes in the costing, much to the surprise to hear from her that the Customer was currently evaluating the initial copy.  To our surprise, we had never knew the Customer was looking at it and we cannot absorb the additional costs for the hardware since we are outsourcing to external vendor, not internally.  On second thoughts we did not explain clearly in the proposal of the validity of the pricings we had quoted in the document as to set the expectations and possible changes as the evaluation has taken place so that immediate attention is placed to get the review done and decision is being made with the Customer.

As so, I have taken notice to include a clause at the last page of the proposal to indicate the validity period of the pricings that we had quoted as to avoid future misunderstanding.   What a lesson I had learnt today! 😀


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