Not every feature is a “must to have” to improve web usability

Changes requests keep on filling up the spreadsheet.  For every session, we went through each requirement with the Customer to understand what exactly is required and how it may impact the solution.

Some requests are just ‘nice-to-have’ features, some are unable to be supported by the solution due to the initial system requirements being designed for the solution.  The application was merely just an online shipment tracker tool but now it has almost included order management, procurement, reports and now on to add on marketing functions!  We need to revamp the existing solution’s architecture to cater the new technologies to support these features.

We need to understand the ‘real’ reason for each feature and do they really have critical impact to the Operations/business?  These “good-to-have” features may assist to improve the usability but we need to understand the business flows and to see if these features really assist/improve the end users’ experience based on the works they are using with the application and it may slow down the application and even affects the system performance.

Next step, we are to evaluate the system performance again after all the approved changes have been implemented to see if there is any further improvements and to consider the going-forward plans to enhance the application.  We are using the same evaluation plan, web stress testing to capture the measurements for comparsion and assessment with the Application and Infastructure teams.


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