Inter-routing of Feeds within sites in 1 Organisation

Recently we have office shifting from Level 7 to Level 6 and all old connections for the servers/workstations on Level 7 will be upgraded to a bigger network bandwidth.  The same goes for our Xiamen web server which is the transmission channel for receiving and sending electronic data feeds to our Customer’s site in Penang, Malaysia.  This results a new IP address to be issued for this web server.    However we can only hold on to the old IP address till Sunday, June 21 and after this date, the old cable’s connection will be disconnected.  We tried to route the network routes from Xiamen to Penang via Hong Kong but this fails due to the below reason:

  • The web server in Hong Kong located in DMZ (which mean outside Organization A network) while Xiamen database server located in Intranet (which mean inside Organization A network). Obviously, the machine outside Organization A network cannot access those machine in Organization network. Otherwise, Organization A network is in danger.
  • Probably there are some ways to configure in firewall and allow particular machine to access back from DMZ to Intranet, but it need network guys on the mapping.  We later realized that Xiamen is resided in an Intranet architecture and South Korea is using Intranet machine (Organization A network) to access Customer’s web service gateway n Penang. It will implied that Xiamen might able to move their web service program to Penang without any connectivity issue.

We tried out the alternative with South Korea’s team and as what we guess, we finally get the feeds to route from Xiamen, to Seoul and finally to Penang!  The ACLs over at the Customer’s site remains unchanged (as what we previously provided to them for Xiamen’s public IP addresses).

Next, we have succesfully connect Xiamen directly to Penage with the new network bandwidth and preparing for another weekend’s migration to this new connection.


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