Air Freight – Origin Processes

The following topic covers the current RFP (Request for Proposal) that I was working to cover the transportation of Products by 3PL (third-party logistic provider) from China’s ODMs to our Business Partner’s designated locations, through specific lanes defined by the carriers.

This is what happen at the Origin before the 3PL is to perform export custom clearance at Origin.

  1. Booking:  3PL will provide the one (1) day ahead shipping plan with ODM and process the booking to 3PL at  a specific time (local time) on the same day of pick up.
  2. Loading: 3PL agrees with the ODM on packing the pallets according to our business partner’s  packaging requirements per platform. 3PL will inspect and reject any cargo which does not meet the packing standards.
  3. Pick Up: 3PL pick ups the Products at the designated site designated and  provide a trailer with available capacity at our Business Partner’s specified facility for the pickup of Product.
  4. Export Custom Clearance: 3PL uses the ODM’s export documentation for the export customs clearance at origin. Business partner provides resale invoice for customs clearance at destination.  Upon receipt of Business Partner’s commercial documentation, 3PL, through it’s designated broker obtains customs clearance while the transport aircraft is airborne, and prior to arrival in destination airport.
  5. Custom Clearance at Destination Hub: 3PL picks up the shipments in China, and delivers the Custom Cleared cargo to the destination in-country hubs.  3PL uses the commercial invoice for customs clearance and also to ensure the correct Importer of Record (IOR) is declared in custom form basing on the commercial invoice. 3PL files the Bill of Entry, sent to Business Partner for approval, before finalizationas to ensure the Business Partner pays the correct customs duty
  6. Delivery: 3PL delivers the Products to designated facilities.

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