Business Continuity Plan

Business continuity plan or also known as business recovery plan is a set of documents that defines all the activities that need to take place in the event of a disaster.  A disaster can be defined as an event or occurrence that causes great destruction that fails or has been ruined.  This plan is a living document and must be kept up to date at all time.

In an existing business or new business function, we need to understand where is the ‘loop-holes’ in supporting the business when a crisis occurs.  To start off the risk assessment we should consider some ‘what-if’ scenarios on our daily operations processes/procedures.  What I will share here is mainly the questions that are on the loss of customers’ files or data due to computer systems’ failures:

  • Do we have backups?
  • Is there any paper system that contains all the information?
  • Why did it fail?
  • How long will it take to replace all of them?
  • How will the business function in the meantime?

IT Disaster Recovery

  1. Insurance policies or third-party liability insurance
  2. Network monitoring services by third-party provider
  3. Off-site storage for backup data.
  4. Comprehensive system documents that allows rapid deployment of systems for a new site or any system restoration.
  5. Comprehensive backup strategy that ensures all critical data are backed up at least daily and stored away safely from the business premises.
  6. Hot site with the mirrored image of the systems that can be activated within hours of a major disaster.
  7. List of disaster recovery personnel’s’ contacts.

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