Fast-tracking the development work with additional resources

Full-fletch solution to be completed in 3 months.  Unrealistic but this is what we promised to deliver for the Customer to save the business.  We have analysed and it is not possible to do iterative development as this is a new, full-fetched system and it has to be delivered as a complete package.

Lots of the activities  are to do in parallel with the development work, possibly the test cases, test data, training etc.  I am worried with the one month’s testing (both SIT and UAT) to be done in the whole month of December.  Project team members have to work overtime and not sure how much resources we need to cover some of the project activities.

The difficult portion of the development is how to spilt the modules to the assigned 6 resources to do the development work and importantly to define the roles and responsiblities for each of the project team member assigned so that we can quickly resolve any disputes on the resources’ skillsets and expectations.

Next I have to review the project cost for the additional inshore and offsource resources, not to mention the travel cost as well for the lodgings and any allowances that the resources may need to claim when they are to reside in Australia for 2 to 3 months period for the project.

The biggest risk of all is that we do not have enough time to do comprehensive testings of all the modules and we are at the big risk that we may experience unforseen system issues when we cutover the new system in early January 2010.  Everyone wants to rush and get the system out on time but we need to do testing to ensure we are able to deliver quality solution to the Customer.  If we do not do well, this will bring more dissatisfaction for the Customer but the Management is aware and we all have agreed that this is the risk we need to take.  But they do not understand the pressure and stress this have put outfront to my project team members and this is very unhealthy.

Counting down, 4 months to complete all planned project activities and this is another project failure I am working towards to.


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  1. October 23, 2009 at 6:06 pm

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