Agile Method for WMS solutioning – Dynamics System Development Method

With only the fixed time frame to achieve the required scopes for the project, we have to adapt a software development methodology, probably apply one of the “Agile Methods” to focus to deliver the WMS solution quickly and efficiently.  The one I am looking to adapt is DSDM (Dynamic System Development Method).

Why will I choose DSDM as my project’s software development methods?  A few points have been considered to adapt this method to the team:

  1. The solution has to delivered on time and on budget.
  2. The core functions (as based on the business requirements)have to be delivered quickly and the future features will be delivered in a regular/iterative intervals.

The activities to be planned to work towards the delivery of the solution, we have to decide and work out the plan on:

  • High-level business requirements are defined before going into the details during the course of the development
  • What functions we can consider for iterative releases based on user feedbacks.
  • Decision-makings have to be made rapidly through the team members instead of going through any management processes/red-tapes to get approved.
  • We have to consider to meet the business needs rather on the technical perfection or good product quality.
  • Collaboration and cooperation with internal users and Customers must be actively involved to ensure the success of the project.

1 Response to “Agile Method for WMS solutioning – Dynamics System Development Method”

  1. September 3, 2009 at 7:25 pm

    Apricotbaby – i think you are making a good choice here! There are a lot of Agile approaches currently available but NOT many of them have a rigorous project start-up which is where most projects fail. Infact DSDM is a hidden jewell at times becuase it was run as a closed model up until quite recently and not many people have heard of it.
    However it is growing strongly at the moment particularly in the UK.
    Just a quick point on definitions to end with – DSDM stands for Dynamic Systems Development Method and recently went through a significant upgrade (2007/8) and is now known as DSDM Atern.
    For more info visit http://www.dsdm.org

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