Conflict Management, to Negotiate and Resolve Them

Working as a Program manager, not only do we need to acquire the skills and knowledgeof managing projects, strategy alignments and understanding of financial analysis/reports, we must acquire the ability to negotiate and salve kind of difficult situations to maintain a win-win settlement between ourselves and the parties involved.

The relationship with the Customer is long-term and along the path problems may boil to surface from time to time.  There are ways to manage them and herewith are the negotiation styles tha can be used:

  1. Problem Solving – engaging both parties to try to find solutions that work best for each other.
  2. Compromise – a situation where both parties give in more or less regardless on how that will meet their needs.
  3. Agression – only one party forces concession from the other side.

When the negotiations gets aggressive, and involves threats and demands this will affect the relationship with the Customer.   As such, we need to resolve the conflicts.  The ways we can do to cool down the conflicts when facing the aggressiveness are:

  • Calm ourselves down.
  • Show them our willingness to work things out by talking about the issue rather then escalating it with more agressions.
  • State our point of view in a neutral tone than in an argumentive tone.
  • Try ways to resolve the dispute, and working together to find the solution that both sides can embrace/accept.

The above are strategized for win-win solutins for both parties.  It is not that simple to execute the above as it requires oneself to build the competence of self-awareness, self-confidence, self-control and empathy.


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