Risk Assessment for Software Project Delay

Critical bugs found in SIT, delay in other development components, inadequate test data and incomplete UAT test cases.  These are the issues that the project team have decide to raise to senior management for delaying the user acceptance testing (UAT) by 3 weeks.

Before the official communication is released to both Customer and internal management, we work out the risk assessment to justify the reasons for the proposed go-live date in February next year.  The proposal that we do covers the 5 areas of the software life cycle phases in sequence.

  1. SIT Testing – unforeseen critical bugs detected and code changes required to ensure right system and solution; inadequate test data from Customer.
  2. UAT Testing – Schedule changed due to task #1; resources  as  Dec 16 to Dec 30 was originally planned to be of blackout period (due to holiday/annual leaves by all team members).  Hence UAT can’t start from this period, instead postponed to early Jan.
  3. User Training – Should training is conducted at the same time as UAT, users will be trained with incorrect information if bugs are found during UAT testing; the trainers are involved in the UAT testing; we only have one test environment that is used for both UAT testing and training.
  4. Deployment – Development is working on data migration scripts after SIT End2End testing (12 days efforts);  system readiness is on Jan 25
  5. Go-live – Operations need to stop to enable data migration that involves stock checks, validation etc for 2 days (over the weekend) on Feb 4.

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