Being a Forward Thinker and Good Decision Making Skill

Everyone will experience times when to decide  to raise an alarm to the stakeholders on any potential issues that post risk to the project schedule, cost and scope.   In fact, majority will feel that it is not the right time to do so or may feel that it is unnecessary while getting the project teams to solve those problem before the risks accumulate.  As the saying goes, the project team is supposed to solve the problems, rather than disturbing the stakeholders with trivial issues that do not post any risks at that moment.

Good decision making doesn’t means you have pointed out a good decision, rather it is the process to flag any issues for discussions and result in the decision making with the stakeholders.  Even if the decision is not made at that time, we have take the opportunity to reason, analyse and do not allow any chance for a problem to suddenly present itself as an obstacle to complete the project.

The process in decision-making involve:

  1. Collects all relevant information
  2. Asks for recommendations and advice from other stakeholders
  3. Sets deadline before the decision must be made
  4. Make the decision and announce it with the reasons behind it to all who are involved

Nobody will be a perfect decision-maker but without using the proper process to derive the reasonings, wrong reasons are dervied for the wrong decision after the project delay.


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