End-to-End Integration of FMCG Air Freight Forwarding

In most transportation projects, not only we are implementing the tools for Operations to perform shipment’s receiving but to ensure the shipment status are sent back in the appropriate format within the acceptable time frame.  Some customers prefer to have every single shipment’s status for a single purchase order.

Service provider will consider how the output 856 and 861 EDIs by the followings:

  • What is the relationship between PO# & HAWB# for a shipment?
    1. 1 PO per HAWB
    2. x POs per HAWB
    3. 1 PO with n HAWB?
  • How these EDIs are generated by defining the type of events to trigger and whether to send each EDI message (i.e at per purchase order, 1 HAWB) or a single consolidated EDI  (i.e via multiple purchase orders, 1 single HAWB).
Should the service provider  does consolidation based on shipment level, e.g. HAWB level, so if the above scenario 2) is true, they will send 1 861 & 1 856 for multiple 856 ASNs to the Customer. However if scenario 3) is true, then for each PO they may generate multiple 861 and multiple 856 to Customer.
We also needs to consider the business processes for handling these EDIs.
In this case, we have 2 separate systems to manage the purchase order management for different purchase orders and carriers’ bookings for these purchase order levels at shipment level (single HAWB) per carrier.  This is done manually from one of the system whereby to select the related purchase order numbers for a HAWB.  This will allows the related POs to consolidate and the system will check if the valid shipment milestones are updated as accordingly to the shipment level (HAWB).

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