EDI X12 Byte Space limitation

For one month, we have contents in EDI files sent to us with ‘broken lines’.  This results in some purchase order details in the file unable to process further or missing information being sent back as in 861 EDI.

We have to investigate the problem, starting from the actual inbound file or also known as the ‘raw file’ from Customer.  From our implementation, we have to process this file in 2 stages:

  • Stage one: The system performs conversion of hex char (CR/LF) from raw 856 to the correct hex char (LF), re-generated 856.  This is the initial issue from Customer’s system which unable to resolve the extra ‘CR’ character from the file and this has to be manipulated at our side to allow the files to get through our system successfully before performing data mapping to respective outputs for our back-end systems.
  • Stage two: The processed 856 is used for actual data translations into the respective output files to back-end systems

We faced the issue that at certain row(s) of the record, it got broken and there is a CR that caused it.  It seems like 2 files (of different ISA control numbers) have the same proble identified at the same record/row.  We also realized a pattern in which for every 4 kbytes of records in that file, CR is being included.  To investigate this to ensure if this is a system problem at our end, we requested the customer to send more similar file type that have more or less 4 kbytes of records to see if our analysis is correct.

We will find out more in the next few days.   Watch out this space for findings.


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